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    The Iron Case™ - MagSafe-skal for iPhone

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    Product Features:

    1. Durable & Safe - Increase the security of your iPhone with a durable phone case.
    2. 360° Protection - The case consists of 2 parts that protect your precious device from all sides.
    3. Save money - If you buy a shell that actually works, you won't have to pay for unnecessary & expensive repairs.
    4. Minimalist Design - The design means that the mobile phone does not feel unnecessarily large or bulky compared to normal cases.


    Designed with 2 layers

    1. The camera protector - is part of the Magsafe disc and just as the name suggests it is there to protect the hardware around the camera.
    2. The MagSafe disc - one of the 2 layers present that attaches to the back of the phone and contributes to the slim feel of the case.
    3. The metal frame - the second layer that protects around the entire edge of the phone.